Fresh versus Frozen Produce - Chef Abbie Gellman MS, RD, CDN

Fresh versus Frozen Produce

Chef Abbie Gellman RD

Curious about whether you should be buying fresh or frozen produce? We help you make the decision by breaking it down by each item in our video. Check it out to learn more, and happy shopping!

Fresh Produce

Fresh produce is always a great choice if it’s in season. If it’s summer and you’re looking for fresh fruit and vegetables, the farmer’s market and your local grocer are always an excellent choice. But what to do when it’s February and you have a hankering for some raspberries or peaches? Let’s look at frozen…

Frozen Produce

Frozen produce is picked and frozen at its peak, making it taste great and being a good choice when it’s not the season for that fruit or vegetable. Be sure to look for frozen produce that is only that food, no additives like sugar or salt. It’s very easy to find delicious frozen options in the grocery store, and adding things like frozen broccoli to pasta while it’s boiling is a great way to increase your veggie intake easily.



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