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Training For a Race? Here’s What You Should Eat

Chef Abbie Gellman RD

Training For a Race? Here’s What You Should Eat

If you’re training for your first race, whether it be a 5K or full marathon, you may be wondering if certain foods can help your progress.

Even though already have a daily training schedule, you may have forgotten the importance of keeping a nutrition schedule as well.

Nutrition is one of the most important factors for successful running, as you need certain foods to help sustain energy throughout your training and on race day.

So, what foods should you be eating?

Regardless of what you may hear on mainstream media, your body needs carbs for energy. However, this doesn’t mean you can binge on chips, crackers, cookies, pasta, pizza, and bread.

In fact, you may want to consider parting ways with all processed foods.

Healthy carbs such as whole grains, fruits, oats, beans, brown rice, veggies, and quinoa are all good choices to keep stocked throughout your training.

Listen in as I share what you should be eating to prepare for your race.

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