May 2015 - Chef Abbie Gellman MS, RD, CDN

Recipes for Recovery: Cucumber Lentil Salad

This Cucumber Lentil Salad is an excellent source of vitamin B1 from lentils. Vitamin B1 supports maintenance of mental function and helps regulate metabolism. Lentils are legumes and a great source of protein and fiber — the best food combination to curb cravings. Nutrition Calories 220 Total fat 6g Protein 8g Saturated fat 1g Carbohydrates

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Recipes for Recovery: Strawberries and Mascarpone

Strawberries and Mascarpone make a beautiful and delicious dessert full of vitamin C from strawberries. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant to neutralize free radicals in the body and contributes to immunity and bone health. Slice any extra strawberries and place into a pitcher of water for a refreshing fruit-infused water beverage. Use this as

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